About Us

Region Trade Bank For Investment & Finance (Here after RT Bank) started delivering financial services in Kurdistan Region, Iraq in July 2001 and successfully established its HQ in Erbil back in September 2003. RT Bank is licensed by Central Bank of Iraq (hereafter CBI) and complies by their regulations.  It is listed in the Iraqi Stock Exchange. Being one of the top banks in Iraq which has made impressive revenue and maintained a stable liquidity in the past years, it has kept a strong position in the Iraqi Market despite the country’s inflated economy. With HQ based in Erbil City, RT Bank currently has branches in major cities of Iraq such as Baghdad, Sulaimaniyah, Duhok and Kirkuk but as part of our development project, we plan to expand regionally and open new branches all over Iraq.


In 2012 under the new management, RT Bank massively developed and restructured its Banking Strategy, policy and services which resulted into attracting more clients, expanding its business.


RT Bank is licensed to offer a variety of commercial and investment services both to companies and individuals such as Current and Saving Accounts, Online Banking, Trade Finance (L/G & L/C), Project Financing SMEs, Salary Domiciliation Services working at Companies, and International Transactions via Swift System to effect outward and inward payments globally in different currencies including EUR and USD through our Correspondents and as for the domestic transactions, we use RTGS system.


RT Bank managed to increase its volume of business and has reached out to more clients both local and international in different sectors such as Oil and Gas, Media and NGOs as a result of delivering a comprehensive banking practices and being a trusted bank.

RT Bank always provides the necessary trainings and courses to his staff at all branches, on a regular basis to maintain a top notch 24 hours customer service.


In a developing country like Iraq, despite facing many obstacles, RT Bank has always managed to introduce new products & services  and banking facilities & provide great support at to its customers. We are a local bank but our goal is to reach out to the financial international market and sustain our policy and services to be at the International Standards.